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Although only “teasing” the movie enthusiast community and fans with a few short videos, the biopic about “British rose” Diana was still enough to make the social network explode.

On August 26, the trailer of the movie Spencer was released by the French film studio Neon with the explosive performance of Kristen Stewart (playing Princess Diana) and a series of eye-catching fashion images. In the trailer, Kristen’s image has surprised fans by not only the similarity in appearance but also by the impressive outfits invested by the film crew to recreate the fashion style marked. her time. 

Princess Diana white evening dress

Official poster of the movie Spencer (Image: STX Films)

The image of Kristen Stewart wearing a white dress with metallic embellishments and her back to the camera on the film’s official poster made fans immediately remember Princess Diana and the evening gown associated with her. in important events. This design is said to be inspired by the strapless evening gown with pearls and gold metallic motifs and detachable arms from the Diaghilev collection of designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel (who also created this design). creative wedding dress designDiana’s Classics). “England Rose” often combines this dress with her luxurious and aristocratic tight-fitting pearl necklace. The design is considered one of the late Princess’ favorite outfits and was worn by her during her visit to the Royal Opera House and the premiere of The Living Daylights  of the James Bond series  in 1997. auctioned in 2013 for £102,000.

Princess Diana and the evening dress Diaghilev

“British Rose” with the design of an evening dress bearing the “breath” of the designer couple David and Elizabeth Emanuel. (Photo: ELLE UK)


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When the trailer was released, the footage of Kristen standing with her head tilted by the window is considered one of the images that left a deep impression in the hearts of the online community because of the great similarity of the two. From the costumes, charisma to Princess Diana’s characteristic head tilt posture, she showed full emotion and completeness. The actress’s outfit is faithfully recreated from the outfit that “England Rose” wore on Christmas Day 1993 at Sandringham Estate (the year she broke up with Prince Charles). It is known that the red tweed jacket that Kristen wore was a Ready-to-wear design for Fall-Winter 1988 by Chanel and was borrowed by the crew from the archives of the fashion house. This coat was also worn by Princess Diana during her visit to France in November 1988.


The red chanel jacket from the movie Spencer

(Photo: ELLE Vietnam)

Princess Diana red coat

Princess Diana wore a Chanel red tweed jacket design during a visit to France in November 1988. (Photo: Tim Graham)


In a still photo released by the film crew earlier this year, Kristen once again excellently recreates Princess Diana’s look and fashion style with the famous Sapphire engagement ring in history. The actress donned an outfit inspired by a real-life fashion mix that Diana wore during her visit to Portsmouth in 1989. The outfit consisted of a tartan plaid tweed blazer and a cream turtleneck. trendy statement pearl earrings. In particular, on the hand of the actress also appeared a copy of the engagement ring from diamond and sapphire that Prince Charles proposed to the Princess of Wales.

Spencer tartan checkered blazer

(Photo: ELLE Vietnam)

While members of the British Royal Family at that time always made people admire with elegant suits or gorgeous evening dresses, Princess Diana many times made the public “stunned”. stunned” with youthful, dynamic and beyond the framework of Royal fashion rules. One of her favorite everyday pieces is a varsity jacket with the green Philadelphia Eagles logo.tree. This is also one of the fashion items that cause a lot of controversy because Royal fans believe that this design is bold American style and does not match the sophistication and elegance of a Royal woman. British family. However, the shirt was still featured in the film by Spencer’s crews in a trendy black-and-red version in a scene recording a conversation between Princess Diana and her friend at the beach.

Varisty Coat

The Princess of Wales’s favorite Philadelphia Eagles patterned varsity jacket and trendy red-and-black version worn by Kristen in the movie Spencer. (Photo: ELLE Vietnam)

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Finally, we see Princess Diana, wearing a matching yellow suit and hat, running through the garden of the vast estate in Spencer’s trailers. This outfit mix was also recreated based on the purple suit dress worn by the “Rose of England” at the church service in 1989. However, the design was obtained by the film crew for a creative license to use. and sewn in butter yellow – one of the Princess of Wales’ favorite colors.

Suit with yellow skirt and matching hat

(Photo: ELLE Vietnam)

The movie Spencer (named after Princess Diana’s maiden name) was directed by Pablo Larraín, who brought to the public the hit film about Lady Jackie (2016). According to Pablo, Spencer is set during the Christmas holidays at the Sandringham estate and focuses on three big weekends that have completely changed not only the small family of Prince Charles and Princess Diana but the entire British Royal Family. The film will be premiered on September 3, 2021 at the Venice Film Festival in Italy.


Source: ELLE Women Magazine